Enter quotes faster with Quote Templates!

This article will cover:

  1. How to create and save a Quote Template for FTL/VPTL/LTL
  2. How to view and use your Quote Templates

How to Create and Save a Quote Template

  1. Click the blue Create+ button
  2. Click Quote
  3. Select the quote type: FTL, VPTL, LTL
  4. Enter quote details
  5. For FTL/VPTL select SAVE QUOTE TEMPLATE under the Reference section. For LTL, it will be under the Additional Details section (see below). 

   6. Name the quote template.
   7. Choose to save notes/tags with the template.
   8. Click Submit.

How to View and Use Your Quote Templates

FTL/VPTL saved Quote Templates are located under the SAVED tab while creating a quote. Simply click on the saved template to have the details populate!

LTL saved Quote Templates can be located by clicking on Quote Templates above the Payment Terms section. Click on the Saved Quote Template to have the details populate! 

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