Riskpulse notifies shippers on weather conditions and natural disasters up to ten days in advance by collecting data to provide a risk scale for the suggestion route for your shipment.

Riskpulse collects data from the following sources: 

  1. National Weather Service
  2. United States Geological Survey
  3. National Hurricane Center
  4. Global Forecast System
  5. National Digital Database

Locating Riskpulse within Emerge

  1. Click the Tracking tab
  2. Click the Map View icon (top right corner of screen)
  3. View the shipment
  4. Riskpulse score shown below

After activating Mobile tracking, a risk score will be displayed and this score is measured through a numeric scale with an affiliated color.*

Green score of 1-8: Low risk weather conditions that pose little to no risk to delivery time.

Orange score of 9-16: Medium risk weather conditions that pose moderate risk to delivery time.

Red score of 17-25: High risk weather conditions that pose large risk to delivery time. If possible, taking an alternative route is encouraged. 

*Note: a risk score will appear if a risk is found by Riskpulse

Feel free to chat an Emerge Support Rep with any questions!

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