Custom Views are sharable URL links that display shipments (depending on the criteria created by you) which are viewable to anyone who has the link.

By using the CUSTOM VIEWS feature of EmergeTMS, you won't need to make hourly check calls anymore.  You won't need to setting reminders to send tracking emails to a whole list of contacts who require visibility on their shipments. 

By the end of this article, you will know:

  1. How to create a CUSTOM VIEW
  2. How to share the unique CUSTOM VIEW link
  3. How to set a password to view the CUSTOM VIEW
  4. How to remove the Full Details access 

How to Create a CUSTOM VIEW

  1. Click the Sharing tab within the navigation panel
  2. Click the blue CREATE button
  3. Name the custom view
  4. Create the Custom View viewing permissions

Within Step #4, you will enter the view permissions of this custom view. The viewing permissions represent the criteria that shipments have to meet in order to be viewed within the link. 

View Permission Example: Your customer 'E-Tron' has required tracking updates on all of their shipments from Arizona because its full of expensive electronics. 

The viewing permissions will be the following (shown below):

  1. Commodity: Electronics
  2. From State: AZ
  3. Customers: E-Tron

How to Share the CUSTOM VIEW 

Once the criteria has been selected, the next section will have the unique shipment link.  This link can be copied and sent to anyone who needs to see updates. The link will not expire unless it's removed from the custom view grid.

How to set a password for this CUSTOM VIEW

Once the link has been sent out, setting a password ensures only the people who need to see updates are seeing those updates.

How to remove Full Details access

The final option is to show a full details page or not.  The full details page is a quick one page summary of the shipment.  If the shared link is going to display multiple shipments at a time we recommend keeping this option off.

Once all the correct information is entered, and the directions above are completed, simply click SAVE at the bottom of the screen to successfully create your new Custom View!

Feel free to chat an EmergeTMS Support Rep with any questions!

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