When creating a quote, keep in mind, the more information the better. Network partners will need detailed information to provide an accurate option. 

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How to create a Quote

  1. From any screen, click the blue Create+ button at the top of your page.
  2. Select Quote
  3. This will pull you into a new screen allowing you to choose the type of quote you would like to create.
  4. Click CREATE QUOTE in the Full Truckload box.

To quickly build multiple Full Truckload quotes, click on the BULK UPLOAD feature. To find out more information on Bulk Upload, please click on this link. 

Saved/Recent Lanes Feature

There will be two selections on the left side of the Stop Details; Saved and Recent.

  1. Recent: When creating and sending quotes, EmergeTMS will save all quotes created within the last 30 days under the Recent tab. Click on the lane and the data will appear instantly!
  2. Saved: You also have the option to save the data you have entered using the Saved Lane feature. Fill out the data and click CREATE SAVED LANE; add a title, choose if the notes/tags should be saved and click SUBMIT. Click on the lane you have saved and the information will automatically populate. 

Building the Quote

To ensure your time is not wasted we only require a few fields to be entered.

       Required: Any field with a red * is required.

       Not Required: Any field without a red * is optional.

Stop Details

  1. Enter in the pickup location. If a full address is entered in now, only the City, State and Zip will be shown until you select who you would like to tender the load too.
  2. Select whether the load is FCFS or requires an appointment. 
  3. Date, Start Time and End Time are not required. 
  4. Select SHOW FULL DETAILS to enter in the shipping contact name and phone number. 
  5. Repeat the steps above for the drop information. 
  6. You are able to add additional stops by clicking ADD STOP if needed. 


  1. The Load Type will automatically be set and locked to FTL. 
  2. Select the equipment type you need using the drop down box
  3. Length is optional


  1. Enter in the commodity you are moving along with the weight of that load
  2. Click on SHOW FULL DETAILS to enter in the number of units, unit type and dimensions of the units.
  3. Feel free to enter in additional commodities by clicking on ADD COMMODITY.


The last section when building a quote is called Reference

  1. If tracking is required, check the box next to Tracking Required.
  2. If this is an important load and needs to be covered quickly, check the Hot Load box
  3. If you have a target rate, enter that in after selecting the Price At box
  4. Click the ADD REFERENCE # button to add one or more reference numbers.  Select the reference number type from the list we have provided. 
  5. For your records, you can enter in a Customer name. Keep in mind, no partners will be able to see this data until they have accepted the tender request.
  6. Add any notes in the Notes section.
  7. Add in any tags to add specific details to your quote. Please click on this link to learn more about Tags. 
  8. We have added the ability for you to transfer this quote to one of your teammates. This will send all notifications to this individual. 

Click CREATE to build the quote to send to your partners!

Note: All fields with a red asterisk are required to be completed before sending a tender request. 

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