When creating a quote, keep in mind, the more information the better. Network partners will need detailed information to provide an accurate option. 

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How to create a Quote

  1. From any screen, click the blue Create+ button (shown below by blue arrow)
  2. Select Quote

Descriptions of each field

1. Required: Any field with a red * is required.

2. Not Required: Any field without a red * is optional.

3. Tracking Required: If selected, all partners will be notified that tracking is required.
4. Hot Load: If selected, all partners will be notified this is an urgent load.
5. Price at: If selected, you can enter a price that all partners will see and they will then have the option to accept/decline/negotiate.
6. CREATE SAVED LANE: If clicked, the information entered will save as a lane. This allows you to quickly recreate this load at a later time!

How to add multiple stops

When creating a load, you also have the opportunity to add additional stops. You can add as many as you need!

Under Stop Details, click ADD STOP.

This will add an additional stop, you just need to delegate what kind of stop it is: Pick Up (Pick) or Delivery (Drop).

If you need to delete an added stop, click the X located on the right hand side of the screen.

Once the order is created, you can send the quote to your partners.

Note: All fields with a red asterisk are required to be completed before sending a tender request. 

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