Shippers can now set their Route Guide options to Auto Tender when quotes are built! When a Lane is built, the options will Auto Tender in a waterfall manner upon quote creation.

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How to Turn On Auto Tender

  1. Click on your Initials Icon in the top left corner.
  2. Select Auto Tender Preferences.

This will take you to the Auto Tender Preferences page.

  1. Click the toggle to turn Auto Tender on or off.
  2. When an Auto Tender is sent, set how long your partner has to accept or reject the tender request.
  3. Click the toggle to dictate your office hours. This will pause the expiration countdown and restart during normal business hours. Office Hours are based on origin location time zone.
  4. Select if you would like an email when an Auto Tender is accepted.
  5. Click this toggle if you would like an email sent when an Auto Tender is not accepted.
  6. To Reset Default Settings, check this link.
  7. After setting preferences, remember to press Save!

How Auto Tender Works

The Auto Tender feature is connected to your Route Guide. When Auto Tender is turned on, your Route Guide options will be auto tendered, starting with your Preferred Carrier in each Lane, then continuing in a waterfall manner if the partner rejects the tender. Learn about setting your Route Guide here

  1. When your lane has been added and your Route Guide has been set, build your quote in the main Create+ Quote page. Note: The Lane built must have the Address Book locations entered when creating a quote for Auto Tender.
  2. When the exact lane has been built, the quote will be created and a 30 second Auto Tender countdown will begin. 
  3. To cancel the tender, select CANCEL.
  4. Once the countdown has completed, the load will be sent to your partner and moved to your Tenders tab! They will need to accept or reject the tender. 
  5. After the shipment has been tendered, there will be a tag (chip) and icon dictating it was an Auto Tender shipment.

The Auto Tender feature is a way to further automate you shipments and tenders with Emerge!

Feel free to chat an Emerge Support Rep with any questions!

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