You can now use the Available Loads tab to access shippers who have requested to receive bids from the Emerge network. This means more opportunities for you to win more business!

Please note that if this is your first time bidding in the Available Loads section, you will be required to fill out our Partner Agreement by clicking the orange JOIN THE EMERGE NETWORK button.


  1. Review available loads
  2. Submit your bid
  3. Shipper awards to you
  4. Do a happy dance!

Lowest Rates to Shipper - See valuable insights as to where your competition stands on this load.

Get Paid - The amount you are quoting the customer. This is the amount you will be paid for.

Available/Delivery Date - The date you have a truck available and the date you can deliver the load. 

Notes - Include any information you would like the customer to know about your option. 

Truck in Hand - Live truck is available.

Team Drivers - A team of drivers will move the shipment.

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